Will You Answer?

Dear Precious One,

I know that life gets hard at times, I see the tears you cry, and the hurt that dwells deep within your soul. I love you more than your understanding can comprehend. I have a plan for your life, a purpose for your pain and if you would trust ME, I promise that your latter will be greater than the first.

When all else fails you, I will not. When others leave you, I will not. When there is nothing left for you to hold on, cling desperately to ME. I am the essence of love. The epiphany of hope and my love for you expands beyond the recesses of your mind. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, even death itself could not pierce the walls of love I’ve built around you.

Always know, my love for you is more powerful than anything on my earth. No matter what you’ve done in life, that fact, will never change. I’m waiting for you, will you come to me? I’m standing at the door of your heart knocking, will you answer?

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