Virgin or Extra Virgin

A close friend of mine and I were talking on the telephone recently and we decided that in our society it takes more than being simply a “virgin” but you must be an “extra virgin.” Let me explain. Being a virgin simply means to abstain from sexual activity. However, being “extra” virgin takes being a virgin to another level, unrestricted.

Being “extra virgin” is an attitude, a lifestyle that goes outside of the constraining box of sexual purity. Extra virgin requires the mind, body, and spirit to cooperate with the Spirit of God. Those who are “extra virgin” carefully guards what enters into their soul. They are sanctified wholly, completely. Not a religious juggernaut, but a gentle Christian giant. One who is steadfast and unmovable in faith and no push over to fear.

There are many characteristics of an “extra virgin,” however, today we are only going to discuss three.

The most important requirement is that we must be a believer. If we don’t believe in something we will fall for anything, why not believe in an absolute truth, the savior of the world. He died that we might have life more abundantly, extra virginly. Our only access to the Father is through the Son. Our belief is a vital part because it’s the first step in our walk of faith.

Next, our mind must be renewed. Our thought process has to be completely revamped. We should start off by carefully guarding what we see, hear, read, etc. Images, sounds, and words all have a way of imbedding themselves in the recesses of our minds and coming out in one form or another. For example, my family and I don’t watch music videos to anything other than Christian music. Why? Well because of the images, I don’t want my daughter thinking that it’s cool to dress in a provocative manner nor do I want my sons thinking it’s okay to be derogatory toward women. We won’t even discuss the vulgarness of some of the lyrics.

Finally, you must be an avid hearer and doer of the word…that includes fervently praying. I don’t know where I’d be without the word of God and prayer. The word guides us, gives us advice on how to handle situations and it includes examples. Someone told me that the word B.I.B.L.E. is an acronym for Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth – I love that! The bible says that it is so easy to follow God that even the fool cannot error. Whoa! And prayer, is how we communicate with God. I don’t know about you but I need all the communication with God that I can get!

The beautiful thing about being extra virgin is that even though I’m married with three children, I’m still extra virgin. Woo hoo!

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