Unleashing the Lioness: Determined and Destined

Philippians 2:13, “for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”

You once had a dream, remember? The one you had before “life” happened? That thing you wanted to do more than anything else in the world? It consumed your thoughts as a child and you would often pretend to be what you dreamed. Do you remember?

Some of you will have dreams that will expose your passion(s) and in turn your passion(s) will point you to your purpose in Christ.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen as easy as the three steps I mentioned above, honestly it’s harder for most people. Much prayer is needed along with asking God for revelation and seeking Him for guidance and direction as well as daily doses of His word. Although, there are many more steps that the process of purpose entails, one of the most important is understanding that your determination is key in getting to your destination.

Now, let us turn to the lioness.

She is a huntress and because she is, it is her responsibility to provide the food for her pride (family). The lioness coordinates various plans of attack which are implemented while hunting.

Once she has spotted her objective, she waits for the right moment to unleash. When the opportunity arises, like a flash she goes after her target with everything in her. Although obstacles come and try to knock her off course she is relentless in her pursuit and nothing sways her. Obstructions are thrown and hurdles are built but nothing can shake the lioness when she is determined to get to her destination – in this case, bring food to her pride (family).

God is the driving force in us that causes us to take action when it pertains to fulfilling our purpose in Him. He wants us to be determined about our purpose in Him because He already knows that’ll lead to our destination in Him. You are destined for greatness in God but only if you are determined to serve Him (through your purpose in Him).

Like the lioness, once you have your eyes fixed on your goal(s) in God,

  1. Coordinate a plan that will be intentional in obtaining your purpose in Christ.
  2. In spite of obstacles, obstructions, and hurdles be relentless in your pursuit to destiny in Christ.
  3. You are destined for greatness in God but only if you are determined to serve Him (through your purpose in Him).

God is working in us to fulfill His good purpose. It’s always all about Him. We were created to bring glory to Him in every area and aspect of our lives.

Now, young women, is the time to unleash the lioness.

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