The ONE and ONLY

psalm62.5-6Outside of Jesus, the life -story of David (in the Bible) is my favorite. David is known for his victory as a teenager in his one on one battle to the death with the giant Philistine Goliath. Logically the odds were mounted against David, which tells us that faith and logic have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other.

Goliath was a bully and used fear tactics to intimidate the people of God (the people of Israel). He basically dared someone to kill him, then he sweetened the pot by adding the surrender of the Philistine army upon his demise. (Side Note: Goliath gave us an example of the saying: Be careful what you say.) No one, not even King Saul would go against Goliath. Well, no one except, (you guessed it) David, the teen who had enough faith to believe God for the unbelievable. One rock (out of five) and one sling shot later, Goliath was on the ground…lifeless.

David had many trials and triumphs in his life. He was imperfect, but he loved God with all his heart, so much that the Lord refers to him as a man after His own heart.

Although not all the Psalms were written by David, most of them were written by him at various stages in his life, various stages in his faith.

Psalm 62 is also known as the “Only” Psalm because here David mentions on several occasions that the Lord is his “only” salvation, his “only” refuge, his “only” fortress, his “only”…! Don’t misunderstand or assume that David is superficial with his writing, heaven’s no, as he writes this passage of scripture, he’s on the run for his life. He is completely reliant upon the only supernatural God he serves to protect him. David was tired of running, tired of people plotting his murder, tired of his life being in danger…tired! While tears covered his face, God covered David with His amazing grace.

It the middle of (one of many) raging storms in his life, David told the Lord that He was his One and Only. Demonstrating a power-packed faith in God that brings Him glory only – Him alone who is worthy!

How does the Lord know that He is your One and Only? Have you told Him lately, or better yet, have you shown Him?

Lord, through every gut retching heartache, all the searing pain, and the countless tears You are my One and Only. #salvation #refuge #fortress


*a woman (desperately) after the Lord’s own heart*

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