That Dusty Corner

The following words push together to form a story that can be true of all of us today. God wipes clean what we’ve made black, and we must share this hope and healing with other believers.



So right now, God sweeps me clean. I hurt, but I am thankful. While, I help wipe the grime, I reflect on days prior. Weeks, really. It took so long for anyone to enter this corner. But, I let Him see it. Little did I know, He could always see that dusty space. I just never willingly led Him there.

I went about my busy life, tending to business, doing my things, and going my own way, occasionally looking to Him for guidance. He already lived in my heart. I’d opened the doors years ago. Though, I often locked Him in, never telling others about my Peace Keeper and my Savior.

I bring the broom down against the dusty corner, asking forgiveness for my dust, my bitterness, and my anger. It doesn’t belong here anymore. I know that He stands over me as I read His Word and repent. I turn the pages. I sweep the corner. I pray through the days, and my Redeemer wipes the dust away.

He takes my arms and helps me through the motions of living right. Back. Forth. Up. Down. Back. Forth. Up. Down. I need His help. I need His strength. He guides my actions, bringing the broom in the direction it needs to go. Sometimes, I shrink in the corner and cry. The dust clogs my senses and fills me with shame.

Then God reminds me that I don’t need to be ashamed. He has forgiven me. In full. Dust no longer inhabits the corner. I have let go of the bitterness and have been forgiven of the sin that once resided here. My eyes look to my Savior, imploringly. And I know that even though the corner is clean, it is still a part of me. The corner will always be a part of me. The natural scars will be on the walls, cracked in the floor. Though, the dust is gone, the history remains. I am cleansed and free and whole, but it is still a part of my story.

He stands with me in this corner of my heart. I know what I must do. Others have dusty corners just like mine. I know they do for they are sinners like me. We hide our dusty corners out of shame. Though we are forgiven, we live as though it must remain a secret. I know I must share this corner in my heart with others who also conceal dusty spaces.

Think of your deepest shame, the place you hide. Mine looks like yours. We are identical. The kind of dust we collect does not make us greater or lesser than the other. We don’t need to hide! I am forgiven, I am free! Dust has no place, shame has no throne. I stand in my corner, victorious in Christ. You can too.

Ever so timidly, I step out of my corner. I find someone just like me, take her hand, and lead her to my corner that once brimmed with dust. She falls on her knees, as I tell her of what God did for me. She cries, as she finds out that she is not alone. She laughs, because victory reigns in truth. She shows me her dusty corner. I was right. Our corners are identical. There is no shame in her admission because I am just like her. You are just like her. She asks our Savior for forgiveness. He grants it.

We now go out together. Showing what our dusty corners were, we let others see the place we don’t have to be ashamed of anymore. We lead them into the truth of our depravity and the wonder of God’s forgiveness. That dusty corner of yours looks just like mine. We are all the same. Empty without Christ. Sinful without His grace. Must we hide our dusty corners when others need to see that dust can be wiped and forgiveness granted?

In Christ,

Sierra Straightforward




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