White Flag – I Surrender

Heavenly Father, I’m holding up my flag, I surrender. I’m truly convinced that your ways are better, I’m not on the fence. You set captive souls free, you forgive my sins, you died for me. I’ve been captured by your love, I’ve been captured by your grace, I’ve been covered by your blood. I was wrong but now I’m right. You hold me down, Jesus here’s my white flag I surrender right now.

I’m set free, you’re such a sweet Savior. I found real love, and you’re my real love, I’m not going to escape but I’m going to stay, I’m captured now, but so set free, I finally know where I’m supposed to be. I raise my hands, I get on my knees, there is nothing like the day you captured me, Lord. There is no one greater, I don’t need another savior. I open up my heart to you . I believe that you, raised your son from the dead, with all power in his hands. I know that if I should run away, then you’ll pursue me with love and grace. You have a plan to love me forever and though I mess up over and over, all I want to do is please you.

Jesus please forgive me and every sin I’ve committed and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior, personal best friend, my 1st love. Here’s my white flag because I surrender. Take control from this moment on and be the anchor to my ship. Jesus, here’s my white flag, I surrender. Amen.

White Flag-I Surrender/Sinner’s Prayer (remix) ~by T (age 16)