Starlet on Encouragement and Prayer

Depression, who knew how it affects a household? I certainly didn’t. I wasn’t prepared. I don’t know the statistics and I haven’t done any research. I can only offer my experience with family including most recently, my dear husband.

starletwarequote2In 1985, George started at the same restaurant I worked. He had recently returned from serving the USA in the Marine Corp. He was strong, handsome, hard-working, confident and friendly. I told my best friend George everything including what ‘J’ had done. He wanted to beat ‘J’ and report him. I didn’t choose that route. He supported my decision.

George and I dated about a year, no sex and no pressure from him for it. I remember telling him “I don’t want to have sex because I believe it would mess up our friendship.” He honored my decision. George wasn’t ready to commit after a year so I ended our relationship. He informed me years later he was devastated so he drank heavily, did a few different drugs and was very promiscuous.

Fast forward 20 years, we reconnect and marry after only six months. A month into our marriage, George confessed several devastating acts he had committed. I told him he needed to get help. When he went to the doctor, VA counselor, and Pastor, he was diagnosed with depression. He was prescribed an anti-depressant which has helped greatly.

These 7+ years have been rough but my George is still handsome, strong, confident, funny, hard-working and alive. We know we are not alone as many suffer from depression and are living great, prosperous, Godly lives. I love my dear husband and I even like him today. We continue to work on our relationship, communication skills, and becoming one.

At the Women of Faith conference this past weekend, I listened to their encouraging testimonies. I related most with the speaker who said she still takes medication for her depression. She is an author, speaker, mother and wife serving God proudly.

I pray you believe that God depression looses all power, under the authority of God.  There is hope for those hurting.

May you be encouraged because you are enough, 

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