The Lord has given each of us unique gifts. However, the ultimate gift to us is salvation through His son, Jesus Christ. No matter what mistakes we’ve made or where we are in life, the Lord wants us to receive His precious gift – His SON. It’s not because we’ve done anything to earn it – quite the contrary, we don’t even deserve it. He gave the gift of His son because of His love for us. His love reaches beyond the recesses of our minds. When He created you, He knew you were to die for, ask His son Jesus.

Takiela’s love for God and passion for women (teens and adults) is evident in her speaking and writing. Her ambition is to help women (teens and adults) to realize that their purpose in Christ will catapult them into their destiny in the Lord.

God’s planet is His canvas and YOU are His Mona Lisa.Click to download Takiela's Onesheet!

A few places Takiela has spoken include:

  • Schools
  • Conferences
  • Churches
  • Youth Events
  • Women’s Events
  • Girl’s Group Homes
  • Pregnancy Centers
  • Juvenile Justice Centers
  • Webinars/Teleconferences

Takiela’s speaker topics include:

  • Unleashing the Lioness – A closer look at the lioness (within) and discover how we are the living sum of both fear and wonder. Bold and beautiful!
  • The Scarless Pledge – How to apply hope (in Christ) to the hurts (of self-harm). Learn from the first recorded cutter in the history of the Bible. Takiela provides the pledge she has written which has been featured on Teen Talk Christian Radio, Choose NOW Ministries and more!
  • RePHreshing Purpose and Hope (PH) – When the chaos of life dehydrates you, drink the living water of Christ and never thirst again. (The husband/father in Afghanistan (war zone), wife/mother fighting for her life in the hospital, and the children being placed in group home.)
  • Designer’s Cut – What if iPhone announced it was redesigning itself, how would the creator (the late) Steve Jobs respond? Ways to love God’s blueprint of YOU.
  • Arise – Jesus told us simply “don’t be afraid, just believe” but, it’s not always that easy…or is it? Yes, fear can paralyze faith, however, faith can pulverize fear. Activate that power!
  • Masquerade{LESS} Ball – Remove the mask, embracing who you are in Christ. Some people hide behind a fictitious image created in anattempt to be accepted, failing to realize God didn’t design us to fit in, and the person we work so hard at hiding, is the person God destined for great things.  

Takiela can also teach a class at your next women’s (teens or adults) event on subjects she can provide or topics that can be specifically designed for your event! She has 2 and 5 day classes (unique lesson plans and teaching material personally created) available.

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