resolutionDuring this time of the year there is always talk about resolutions, fresh starts, new year/new me, etcetera, etcetera…and by March the resolution has dissolved.

I’ve learned long ago that my “will power” is unreliable, however, the power of my Father’s will is unmistakable. Through the trial and error of dependency on me, I have failed numerous times. In fact, I am certain the weapons that form against me will prosper, outside of Christ. The imperfect are not capable of being Perfect, the flawed cannot comprehend the Flawless.

Don’t misunderstand, being goal orientated is a characteristic of the successful, according to the standard of society, but as a Christian, we should raise the bar of our standard and be God orientated, which is a characteristic of the Holy Spirit.

No, it’s not wrong to be ambitious, mark your target, and aim for it. Yet, it is wrong to focus so much on reaching an objective that you miss the Mark. Make no mistake, the Lord is not a mere priority that He should be put on a list, He is above the list.

I’m sure that the intention of the tradition is not of a malicious nature, I only want to ensure that our motives are not of a selfish disposition. Point all victories to the victorious One. Resolve to remain in Christ and the rest will be added according to His will.

Lastly, although it is a new year, the fresh start can happen at any moment. We don’t have to wait until January 1st of each year to start over and make goals that we may or may not reach. The word of God says that even His mercies are renewed daily, not annually. Freedom in God is liberating. If the Lord bound us to those terms, we’d be in bondage 364 days a year, as we were (in the Old Testament) until Jesus came and freed us forever when He died on the cross. Thank you Lord for the Savior of the world, who resolved to dissolve sin forever!

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