Resolution of One Day at a Time

new-years-daySome make 20 resolutions and others forgo them altogether. I tend to be the latter. I like to remember the previous year and set goals for the next one, but I also know that those 20 resolutions would go right down the drain in one week.

So, I’ve decided to do two things this year.

  1. Pick an attribute of God to mediate on for the rest of the year.


  1. Keep my old goals and live 2017 one day at a time.

This year, I’ll re-set my old goals. This year, I’ll work on becoming healthier, writing better, working harder, and learning more about God.

These old goals look far into the year and by the end of January, I will have failed multiple times. But, instead of making new, bigger and better goals, my resolution is to take one day at a time.

If I fail one day, I will get back up the next.

If I succeed one day, I will keep going the next.

My resolution is simply to take one day at time. Rather than look at the whole 2017 calendar year, I’m looking at today. What can I do better today? How can I reach my old long-term goals today? How can I meditate on God’s truth today?

Quite simply, how can I live today well?

I am not promised the whole of 2017, but I do have today.

So I take today, and I choose God.

Every hour I choose Him.

And when 2017 closes, I may get an opportunity to look behind me and see all the success, simply because I chose God for 365 days.

Happy New Year,

Sierra Straightforward

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