One Day at a Time Brought Us HERE!

winter-januaryHow does it feel to be in the last full week of January? Can you believe we already stand one month into 2017? I don’t know about you, but this encourages me. Why? It reveals God’s faithfulness, and shows me that He will continue to be so as I advance throughout the coming days.

But I have a confession —

I used to view January as a depressing month. Strange considering I have a January birthday! Nonetheless, it follows the holiday season. Enough said, #amiright?

It’s bland, empty, and just feels depressing sometimes.

However, the problem might not lie with the month. Perhaps, the people living inside of January feel down and exhausted. Maybe that’s the key. It’s the people not the month.

It’s you, not the month.

It’s me, not the month.

By next week, we will have had the privilege of living an entire month. That’s 31 days of the 365 we get for 2017. Each day bringing us opportunities, moments, and memories.

Each one a gift from God!

I’m writing this for myself as much as for you. I want to live the rest of January in the best way that I can … a way that will glorify God. All of that one-day-at-a-time talk has brought us HERE. We are moving — fast. Look back and be encouraged by your progress and growth. Look back and be challenged to live more fully for God!

Even without the excitement of holidays, January is a wonderful month and no less important. It’s part of our whole year, and begs to be lived well. Don’t let the days go by without thanking God for the wonderful gift of life.

Keep living one day at a time.

Keep taking the next right step.

Keep choosing God.

Sierra Straightforward

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