My Heart Dares to Bloom

flower-bloom-heartIt’s been awhile since I talked to you. I know I’ve written often, giving you things to think about, advice to mull over, and challenges galore. However, it’s been awhile since I just talked to you as me … Sierra. So today, it’s time for a cup of coffee and an open, honest chat.

I hope you have been well. In the last couple of months, I have experienced a mixture of sadness, joy, and hope. Life rarely hands you one thing at a time. In January, I found out that some very good friends of mine will move away. I was happy for them, of course. They will be pleasing God very much by this move, but I love these people with my whole heart. The loss of their daily presence in my life will hurt deeply. I cried, but of course found joy in knowing they are going after God with their whole hearts! They officially move in the beginning of April, and I look forward to their future with them.

I still face feelings of sadness because I’m losing daily contact with people I love so dearly! January was also the month I had a birthday and it was wonderful to celebrate life with my small family! As January ended, I looked forward to the next month! February came with joy and hardship as well. I fought the hard things with denial at first, but as I sat on my front porch and accepted them, I knew hope in God again.

You see, God’s hope doesn’t flit away as my emotions do so often. Hope in God remains sure because God is sure, unmovable! As I released my own desires, and replaced them with hope in God, I found rest again. My desires can cloud my vision so fully that I forget that God knows best. He never stops knowing best, and God’s best for me is right now, in this place, surrounded by these people, facing these trials, rejoicing in this life, and knowing encompassing hope in God!

February has come to a close and with it a month of memories meant for me. I am so thankful for God in the good times and the hard times. I’m so thankful that God stands by me in the difficult moments, in the storms, and in the care-free jubilees of life! What would I do without my hope in God? I would sink ever lower until depression claimed my heart! But I don’t have to sink because God is with me. God is my hope. God is my joy. God gives life … abundant, full, and free!

I walk into March, and my heart dares to bloom as a spring flower. It blooms boldly because God is with me. It blooms boldly, because God will nurture and sustain it. It blooms because of God … and only because of Him.

If you’ve placed your hope in any other, you cannot bloom.

Place your heart and hope in God. It is in Him that you will know the bold bloom of a dependent spring flower!

Sierra Straightforward

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