It Happens One Day at a Time

one-step-at-a-timeWhen I was young, I wondered what being grown up would look like, feel like, be like, etc.
When I was young, I worried about how in the world I would pack up my room for college!
When I was young, I feared having to kiss my future husband in front of a lot of people on my wedding day. 
When I was young, I just didn’t know how I was going to get here. 
Here being that long-awaited grown-up state that you dream of as a 10 or 11 year old. What would it look like? How would I get there? What kind of stuff would happen? How would I manage without my Mom or survive on my own?
Let me tell you how, it happens one day at time!
There are no magical steps, no perfect formulas, and no easy cheats. You just have to keep taking the next right step. You can’t look at a life full of decisions. Simply make the decision in front of you. 
Pretty soon, your room is packed up for college, you’ve said yes to the right guy, and you are kissing him in front of 100+ people, which happens to be no big deal. Lots of life happens in between, but you didn’t do lots of life in one day. You made small decisions on a lot of different days. 
You might be looking at 2017 as the year you graduate high school, the year you get married, or the year you start a new job. I want to encourage you to not try to live all 365 days in one hour! It looks impossible that way. It is impossible that way. God has given you today. He asks you to live today well. He unveils just what you need to see for those 24 hours and that’s it. 
You’ll get there by simply living one day at a time. So, choose God, and take the next step. If my 10-year-old self saw me now, she would see a marriage, a home, a job, a dog, a hundred responsibilities, and a column to write! These things did not happen in one fell swoop! My 10-year-old self would be overwhelmed to know she had to live a lot of life to get there. I don’t have a magical fairy tale dust, these happenings came about one decision at a time, sometimes BIG … but most often small.
Can I encourage you to keep making the small decisions in the right way? Keep taking that next step! Keep living each day for God, and when 2017 closes, you will find progress, growth, and so much life lived in 365 days!
And by the way, my journey is far from over. I still have each day to make small decisions that become BIG life things, which in turn remind me of God’s gifts and faithfulness. 
Together, let’s move forward. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.
Sierra Straightforward

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