Freely Captured

freelycapturedI love taking pictures. With the simple push of a camera button, we capture moments of life while we create memories for a lifetime. Sometime, later you’ll look back at those snapshots and when you see the image you’ll be instantly drawn back to that moment in time and relive that memory.

Unfortunately, our lives aren’t snapshots filled with albums of Photoshopped and cropped blissfulness. In fact, life doesn’t work that way at all. The good is usually interrupted with the bad and the ugly…and so it goes.

Although our lives don’t continually operate on “capture the moment” basis, the love of God is powerful enough to freely capture us within Himself for all eternity. What is it to be free, yet captured? I thought you’d never ask…( :

You already know what it means to be free, however, one definition says, “enjoying personal rights or liberty, as a person who is not in slavery – wow! In Christ, we are not slaves, as a matter of fact we’re daughters (aka princesses). The Lord gave us free will, meaning He wants us to choose to follow Him on our own, without force. If we were forced to serve Him against our will that would make us slaves.

Our Father wants to capture us with His unconditional, unlimited love. To capture is defined as to take by force, seize, take prisoner. It’s the exact opposite of being free. When you have two words that have opposite definitions and use them together it forms an oxymoron – a figure of speech with a seemingly contradictory effect (as in cruel kindness). It seems contradictory but because the Lord’s ways and thoughts are above our own, there is a lesson to be learned.

The Lord wants us to be freely captured in Him. He wants us to exercise our free will and choose to serve Him and He wants His love to capture us within Him. Freely serving, lovingly captured.

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