February Challenge | Love

This week we won’t talk about loving yourself, finding love in a mate, or even feeling unloved by others. Instead we’ll focus on YOU taking the initiative and loving others as you want to be loved. This challenge combines steps 1 and 2 of this journey.

Step 1: Leave people better than how you found them + Step 2: Listen to others with 100% attention = STEP 4

Love people the way you want to be loved.

Note this, as it is perhaps the only time that 1+2 will equal 4!

We easily expect love from others and make them feel bad for not living up to our expectations. We become so preoccupied expecting of others that we don’t expect anything of ourselves. We get so lost in how we should be treated that we treat others poorly. This week, look at your closest friends. How you can love them more deeply?

What can you give or do for them? How can you listen to them? What encouragement can you offer? I challenge you to take a moment today and create a list of ways you like to be cared for. Now, love your friends in all those ways.

Do it sincerely! Do it expecting nothing in return. Do it because you want to love Christ deeper by serving others more. Writing out a list of things you want and then giving that care to others trains us to look beyond our desires and needs. It helps us realize that it’s not about us. It reminds us that we aren’t the only ones with needs and insecurities. God commands us to love others. This exercise helps us accomplish just that!

That’s all I’m going to say for this challenge because, while it’s short, it’s loaded! We will encounter a lot of failure, forgiveness, and grace as we pursue others with genuine love. But in doing so, we will grow closer to Christ. Loving others draws us to Christ, and He is love. We need not fear the journey of heartache that may loom before us. God is with us! He will help us as we learn to genuinely love others.

Sierra Straightforward

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