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lifeYou have received life. Is that not a powerful statement? You have received life.  So many people blame social media for their problems, discontent, and unrest.

If it controls so much of your thoughts, make the decision to get off of it.
Social media will never develop and grow into a loving safe place. You have to do the growing and developing.


Let’s reiterate the first statement of this post. You have received life. It is a gift! You may not have experienced everything you wanted to by now. You may have lost a lot or faced tough trials. You may have been abandoned or mistreated. You may not feel like it’s much of life, but it is LIFE and God gave it to you.

STEP 3: Live inside your life.

It’s time to live in what you have been given. It’s not perfect. It’s not getting a million likes on social media, but it’s life, and you must start living it! Don’t look at the entire year ahead of you. Don’t even dwell on this whole month.

Simply focus on today. Have you thanked God for the life you’ve been given? Not just life on this earth, but a life complete in Christ? That is everything. Next, have you counted the ways you have received abundantly? God provides so much more than we need! Continue by observing the day before you as an opportunity to not only accomplish service for Christ, but also to enjoy life itself.

Do you enjoy having a warm home? Do you enjoy the sunshine? Do you enjoy your family? Your pets? Your hot water? Your ability to laugh? To joke? To have fellowship? To walk? To run? To work? To exercise? You get the picture! God has not only given you life in Him, but also the opportunity to enjoy it because of Him.

Don’t worry about social media. It isn’t life. You have received life — life in abundance. Live inside it.

I challenge you this week to rid yourself any distraction that makes it hard for you to embrace your God-given life.

Sierra Straightforward

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