Cruise Control

cruisecontrolWhat comes to mind when you ready the words “Cruise Control?”  Two completely different scenarios came to my mind.

First, I am so excited to be writing.  I had been cruising along life ‘wishing’ and talking about wanting to be a writer.  One day, I received an email from a friend who knew nothing about my desire to write.  Her email asked if I had ever considered writing.  I answered with a resounding ‘yes, only for the last 20+ years!’  She gave me details of the requirements like the deadlines and monthly topics and here I am a few months into my journey and I love her, this opportunity, and the satisfaction of encouraging others.

Although writing is exactly what I’ve wanted to do, I got into ‘cruise control mode’ after only a couple months.  I blamed ‘too many things on my plate,’ but laziness and lack of focus are the real deal.  I had to squash my excuses in order to be an encouragement to others!  Dream big!  Get your dreams out of the trash.  When I have failed and missed deadlines, my writing mentor has encouraged me by extending my deadline.  I thank God she is supportive,forgiving, and easy to work with.

Second and last was an actual ‘cruise’ that came to mind. I wanted to go with my husband so I booked the cruise in April and reserved our flights in May (2014). We wen on the cruise in January 2015 (last month)! It was so good to be on “cruise control” those five days and four nights. What a fabulous crew to take charge and allow us to be in ‘cruise control.’ I highly recommend going and letting someone else take care of you for a few days.

Cruise control can hinder/stop you or inspire/propel you forward.  I choose the latter.  How about you?



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