Celebrate Your Growth!

life-growthAs I wrote about the past five years of my life, seeing my progression encouraged my heart. Often our actions in junior high and high school embarrass us. We shrink into the shadows when we look at how we behaved at 17, 18, and 19. But I am discovering the importance of looking back and seeing one’s progress.

Don’t focus on the way you were and wilt. That’s not you anymore! You’ve grown, matured, and developed into a stronger woman who depends on God. When you look back, consider the now as well. Celebrate the growth!

Just this week, I was unexpectedly pulled out of my usual job area and placed in one I hadn’t worked in for nearly two years! I didn’t experience frustration or fear at the challenge. The old me would have. Instead, I was flexible, all hands on deck! I’m not gloating about how great I did this week (I still have plenty of room to improve!), but it was so encouraging to see that I had grown so much.

In the same way, sharing my story with you the past few weeks has reminded me that I’m not the little, sensitive, scared 17-year-old that I used to be. I still have many weak spots to work through and make mistakes every day, but I’m growing, and sometimes this growth needs to be celebrated!

So today, I encourage you to sit down and write about the past five years of life. If you don’t like writing, pull out photos and reflect on how you have grown. Thank God for His love and patience. Enjoy the fact that you aren’t the same woman of five years ago. Recognize your growth and celebrate it!

We too often critique ourselves and get frustrated when we don’t measure up, but today I encourage you to look back and recognize how you have improved, grown, and developed.

You have! It’s time you acknowledged it.

Growing with you,

Sierra Straightforward


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