Be More Kind

kermitbemoreKIND-natlkindnessweekThis is National Kindness Week! This week, let’s further spread the love of God by being kind to someone. As Christians, we should already be expressing kindness to others however, with all life’s distractions it’s easy to forget. I don’t mean saying please and thank you (although that is important too), I’m referring to intentional acts of kindness.

Some examples would include:

– Posting a sticky note on someone’s desk, locker, the windshield of their car that says  You. Are. BEAUTIFUL.

– Offering to help carry groceries for a tired mom with fussy children or an elderly  person.

– Saying “hi” and striking up a conversation with someone who feels like an outsider at  school, work, church, etc.

– You and a few friends get together and make a meal, do some housework or yard work  for someone who is sick.

– Give someone a card with encouraging words or a Bible verse to brighten up their day.

– Visit with or call someone who may be lonely.

– Compliment the employee while you’re waiting in line for them to service you (they are  so often treated poorly and work really hard).

What’s great about kindness is that it is absolutely free – it costs you nothing to be kind. In this case a little really does go a long way. Think for a minute how it would affect the entire world if EVERYONE was kind. WOW! For some it could make a world of a difference in their life.

An athlete walked passed a classmate during high-school one day and felt a nudge to say hello to the kid. He dismissed the notion and continued to walk to class. Later, this same athlete was informed the kid committed suicide. The kid left a note that explained if one person said hello to him, he wouldn’t have followed through with his plans. He desperately needed someone to be kind to him. No ulterior motives, no hidden agendas, simply kind – that’s it.

With this story in mind, please, let’s all strive to be more kind.

Be more kind, indeed,

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